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2022 Annual Report: 75th Anniversary Edition

August 1, 2023

This 2022 Annual Report documents the 75th year of the Richard King Mellon Foundation, and the second year of our 2021-2030 Strategic Plan. We received 646 applications for funding in 2022. In response, we awarded 303 grants and program-related investments (PRIs), totaling more than $152 million. And we continued in 2022 to broaden significantly the circle of visionary grantees with whom we work. The 2022 grant and PRI recipients included 71 organizations that never before had received Foundation funding, eclipsing the record for new grantees set the year before.In the pages that follow, you will read stories of some of the visionaries we funded in 2022. The leaders and organizations you will meet in those stories are inspiring representatives of our remarkable grantees. Yet they are only a small fraction of the extraordinary people and groups we worked with in 2022, all of whom are worthy of such stories.

Central Kansas Community Foundation - Annual Report 2022

July 27, 2023

Our individual and collective vision for thriving communities that leads our work was fully demonstrated in 2022. A few examples are presented in our report that relate to how our Vision encompasses local Heritage, Generosity, Influence, and Legacy.

Annual Report 2022: People at the Heart of Food Systems

June 6, 2023

Three years since the formation of the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT, our organization is emerging from a period of global and institutional change. The seeds that we sowed in 2019 Рa fresh and ambitious set of Strategic Objectives to transform people's lives during a climate crisis Рare now bearing fruit.What do establishing urban gardens (in Kenya), 'mining' cassava alleles (in Colombia), and delivering climate information services (in the Philippines) have in common? The answer is simple: communities, institutions, and people. Urban gardens empower vulnerable consumers to feed their families. Superior cassava traits guarantee farmers sufficient yield so they profit from each harvest. Climate information services provide farmers with forecasts while informing government policies and investments in disaster risk reduction.

Center for Popular Democracy Impact Report 2022

June 1, 2023

Ten years ago, CPD/A was founded with the bold dream of creating a world where we are all free to thrive. We are proud to say that, since then, we have consistently taken direct action—whether at the polls or the steps of the Supreme Court—to protect the people our democracy is failing. In 2022 alone, we won over 60 policy victories for millions of people, including the landmark Inflation Reduction Act. In every win and every loss, we moved the needle towards a more just, equitable world.We're honored to present our 2022 Impact Report in the form of a zine which shares the story of all CPD/A has accomplished in deep partnership with our affiliates, community members, partners, and funders. We're excited to also share special cultural offerings from our brilliant team, including a recipe, a poem, a political education resource list, and an essay on what it means to fight for our collective liberation in this moment.

2022 Annual Report: Amplifying Voices

May 25, 2023

During 2022, we aimed to amplify the voices of those working on issues that affect Massachusetts residents' ability to access health care and we use our own voice to call attention to our key focus areas. Through our grantmaking, policy and research, and convenings, we will continue to center the important voices that are often left out of the conversation.

Beyond Measure: Gun Violence Trauma

May 17, 2023

When we think about gun violence as a public health epidemic, we often think about the numbers: Every day in the United States, 120 people are killed with guns and more than 200 are shot and wounded. But what are the experiences behind these metrics? How do survivors and their communities cope in the aftermath of gun violence? What are the immediate and lasting impacts of trauma from gun violence? An understanding of these questions cannot be gained with numbers alone. Far less attention has been dedicated to understanding the experiences of gun violence on survivors. For this reason, this study fills a critical gap in research by focusing on trauma from gun violence by listening to the voices and experiences of those directly impacted.This report is divided into six sections. We discuss the aftermath of gun violence, the impacts of trauma on safety and fear, the ripple effects of gun violence and trauma in communities, support services to cope with trauma, post-traumatic growth, and recommendations to better support survivors of gun violence. We hope to honor the power of the voices of gun violence survivors by elevating their experiences, their stories, and their journeys.

GRID 2023: Internal displacement and food security

May 11, 2023

IDMC's Global Report on Internal Displacement (GRID) is the world's leading source of data and analysis on internal displacement. This year's edition includes a special focus on the complex relationships between disasters, conflict and violence, food security and internal displacement.

Brighter Bites 2022 Annual Impact Report

May 2, 2023

This year has been a momentous one for us as we celebrated a milestone of 10 years of programming, expanded into two new cities, grew an overall amazing 38% in school sites, and hosted our first gala in Houston. It is amazing to see how much we have grown from starting in just one school in Houston to now 192 schools across the country! Over the past ten years, we have been committed to creating communities of health through fresh food. With the support of our dedicated donors and volunteers, we have been able to achieve great things and make a positive impact on the communities we serve. Since 2012, we have served 500,000+ families, taught 150,000+ nutrition education lessons, and distributed 50+ million pounds of fresh produce.

Laal Annual Report FY 22

April 3, 2023

There was so much to capture this year at Laal! From our Reproductive Justice Initiative, Citizenship Prep, ESL, Wellness classes, and our successful Annual Gala-Laal Grishmo, The Red Summer, we kept our amazing followers up to date with Laal's progress within our community. We're still stunned by how much we've grown since starting in 2019! Our Annual Report covers topics like our finances and how we efficiently allocate our budget to provide resources to Bengali womxn in the Bronx; statistics of our Programs; and statistics from our 62 mental health surveys.

American Jewish World Service Annual Report 2022: Forward Together

November 22, 2022

Jewish tradition has fortified us to confront this deeply broken world. The sages of the Talmud taught us, "You are not expected to complete the task, but neither are you free to desist from it." What they understood then—and we know today—is that although the struggles for justice may seem insurmountable, we must press forward. While we cannot solve every problem alone, if we work together, little by little we will bring about a better world. Again and again this year, we've witnessed the power of unity: From activists pursuing a new path for democracy in Haiti, to Indigenous farmers banding together to reclaim their right to water in Mexico, to movements of women and girls rising up to advance gender equality in India—extraordinary people have come together to forge a path ahead that is rooted in equity and justice. This annual report celebrates the progress that the AJWS community has made this year, thanks to 541 courageous activist organizations in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and our global human rights advocacy in Washington, D.C. Our work is fueled by your philanthropic solidarity, compassion and action.

ACLU WI 2021 Annual Report

September 28, 2022

This year, our team traveled the state, attending the Joint Finance Budget hearings scattered across Wisconsin, demanding a budget that reflected the will of the people — one grounded in justice, equity and investment in communities — especially in marginalized communities. We remained committed to challenging the criminalization and incarceration of young people, recognizing that children are still developing and instead should be given opportunities for treatment, rehabilitation, and positive reinforcement. As a result, we continue to advocate for the closure of the Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake youth prisons after a monitor report showed an increase in the use of force, restraints, and improper use of solitary confinement. We also remained active in the fight for student's rights — celebrating our recent win that ordered the Burlington Area School District to submit a written plan detailing the steps they would take to prevent further discrimination in displicine and address the racially hostile environment present in its schools. A legal precedent which would go on to achieving similar outcomes in other Wisconsin districts.

Council of Michigan Foundations 2021 Annual Report: Together on the Journey

March 31, 2022

CMF's 2021 Annual Report: Together on the Journey illustrates the innovative leadership of our members in the areas of Equity, People, Practice and Policy and how CMF is championing the work of Michigan philanthropy as we continue to live into our Equity at the Center strategic framework.As you will see in this edition, 2021 was a year of reimagination and deepened commitment for CMF and our community of philanthropy. Together, we:Created spaces to advance personal and organizational equity journeys.Supported the next generation of philanthropy leaders and emerging leaders through youth philanthropy programming and resources, a revamped mentoring program and member-sponsored fellowships.Convened ad hoc working groups, bringing together deep expertise, research and new partners to address our most pressing issues.Piloted new efforts to inform long-term strategies to move the needle on systemic change.Deepened connections with local and state policymakers to partner in navigating incoming federal COVID relief dollars to shape equitable investments.Commissioned research to provide data to the field to inform data-driven conversations.We are deeply grateful for all in our community of philanthropy who engage and support these efforts, in service to the communities we serve, our state and our field.

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