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EFF 2022 Annual Report

October 4, 2023

From local to international policy fronts, EFF's advocacy got results in 2022. In the European Union, we lobbied hard for a Digital Markets Act that recognized the value of interoperability and meaningfully restrained the power of "gatekeeper" platforms. Sustained pressure from EFF, our members, and our allies helped protect free expression online by keeping Congress from mandating filters or link taxes. EFF also was instrumental in Congress passing the Safe Connections Act, a bill that makes it easier for survivors of domestic violence to keep their phone number while leaving a family plan. This simple protection can be essential to stopping abusers from using access to their victims' cellphone plans to track and harass.

Colors of the Heart: Investigating how teen girls of color develop their emotional understanding

October 1, 2023

Colors of the Heart is directly influenced by Dr. Jennifer Keitt's dissertation research. She found that there is not enough research delving into the emotional development and life experiences of teen girls of color. This leaves us wondering if they all experience emotions in the same way, express them similarly, or even use the same language to talk about their feelings.That's where this phenomenological study comes in. We wanted to dig deep and understand how teenage girls from diverse cultural backgrounds navigate their emotional worlds. We explored five critical factors: gender, culture, how their parents teach them about emotions, their ability to regulate emotions, and how they differentiate between different feelings.

What Matters to Youth?: YLabs Annual Report 2022

September 1, 2023

At YLabs, we believe in amplifying the power of youth to design a healthier, more prosperous future for themselves and their communities. We believe in designing with youth, not just for youth. We believe in focusing on what truly matters to young people.In 2022, our team dedicated over 18,000 hours to actively listening to young people's thoughts, ideas, and concerns. We co-designed digital self-care platforms, built evidence-informed advocacy campaigns, and developed innovative models that are realizing actual change in norms and behaviors. We didn't just listen - we acted.

Annual Report 2023

August 9, 2023

Throughout this report, you will witness the profound impact of our collaborative efforts with select grantee partners. It is always a challenge to select just a few examples from the array of exceptional partnerships taking place across our state. However, we are confident the stories shared here will inspire and resonate with you.Our commitment to creating a "California For All" rests on the principles of equity, fairness, inclusion, and advancing racial justice. We amplify the voices deeply rooted in communities, striving for healthier and more equitable outcomes. We have centered our efforts on community voice and power building, recognizing that the surest path towards a healthier nation is through a vibrant, participatory democracy. Our investments are guided by three "bold ideas" shaped by our partners: People Power, Health4All, and Transformed Systems to improve health. The stories you will see featured in this report represent these "bold ideas" led by bold leaders in action.

Central Kansas Community Foundation - Annual Report 2022

July 27, 2023

Our individual and collective vision for thriving communities that leads our work was fully demonstrated in 2022. A few examples are presented in our report that relate to how our Vision encompasses local Heritage, Generosity, Influence, and Legacy.

Centering Proximity: Why giving platforms should center the organizations on the frontlines of social change

July 1, 2023

Social change happens in communities. And proximate organizations make that change happen.Proximate organizations are those closest to the causes and the communities they're directly serving.They are these communities.Proximate organizations are often (not always) small in size. Though nonprofits with less than $1M in budget represent 92% of nonprofits, they only receive around 20% of individual donations.More and more giving is happening online-- increasing by over 42% in the past three years alone. Online giving platforms are also growing, playing an increasingly important role in facilitating those donations.Imagine a world where online giving platforms channeled more of the power and promise of generosity to these proximate organizations.This publication focuses on that possibility.It is the output of listening to 25 leaders of proximate organizations - just a microcosm of the thousands of leaders working in communities around the country.

Building for proximity: The role of activity centers in reducing total miles traveled

June 29, 2023

American households live amid a transportation conundrum. From a technological perspective, no developed country makes greater use of private vehicles and their incredible ability to cover long distances in relatively little time. The problem is that all those vehicles come at a real cost to society: growing environmental damage, unsafe roads, higher household transportation spending, and rising costs to maintain all the infrastructure. Even as electric vehicles promise to reduce the climate impacts of driving, this latest innovation still fails to address car dependency's other persistent costs to society.Building for proximity could offer a more holistic solution. Helping people live closer to the centers of economic activity—from downtown hubs to local Main Streets—should reduce the distances people need to travel for many of their essential trips. Shorter trip distances, in turn, make walking, bicycling, and transit more attractive and can improve quality of life. And as more people travel by foot instead of a private vehicle, officials can feel empowered to build complete streets that include lower speed limits, protected bike lanes, and other amenities.

Advancing Our Mission: 2022 Annual Report

June 28, 2023

The 2022 annual report of the Kalamazoo Community Foundation.

Hidden Hazards: The Impacts of Climate Change on Incarcerated People in California State Prisons

June 21, 2023

California is at the forefront of climate change. In the last ten years, the Golden State has experienced large-scale wildfires, surging temperatures, and devastating flooding, among other climate hazards, that have caused harm to human health and the natural environment. This series of climate hazards has made it evident that the effects of climate change will continue to intensify, have the greatest impact on already vulnerable populations, and, most critically, the California carceral system is not prepared to respond to climate hazards in or near prisons.Our first-of-its-kind report was developed through a mixed methods approach, using interviews with experts, a survey of nearly 600 currently incarcerated people in all 34 of California's prison facilities, and a spatial analysis, we concluded that incarcerated people face unique challenges during climate hazards and thus must be included in any measure of vulnerability to ensure their safety and well-being.Our report seeks to:Understand the risks that incarcerated people in California state prisons face as climate change related hazards such as wildfires, floods, and extreme temperatures, accelerate.Put forth policy solutions that protect taxpayer interests, keep incarcerated people safe, and ensure our government institutions are held accountable.

BWJP A New Era: FY 2022 Impact Report

June 8, 2023

We are privileged to be at the forefront of the movement working to create systemic change, and we take that responsibility seriously. It is critical to maintain an intersectional lens that prevents further harm to historically marginalized communities. As we advance this crucial work to keep survivors safe and support thriving families and communities, we hope you will partner with BWJP as we continue to:* Be the trusted source of expertise and innovation at the intersection of gender-based violence and legal systems.* Foster an environment where staff and board of directors feel valued, supported and are motivated leaders in social change.* Center survivors and marginalized communities in our work with advocates, practitioners, and systems.* Diversify the revenue streams driving our investments in staff, growth opportunities, and systems transformation.We are pleased to share BWJP's FY 2022 Impact Report, demonstrating our ongoing progress as we continue this critical work informing coalitions, advocates, attorneys, and more nationwide. 

Annual Report 2022: People at the Heart of Food Systems

June 6, 2023

Three years since the formation of the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT, our organization is emerging from a period of global and institutional change. The seeds that we sowed in 2019 – a fresh and ambitious set of Strategic Objectives to transform people's lives during a climate crisis – are now bearing fruit.What do establishing urban gardens (in Kenya), 'mining' cassava alleles (in Colombia), and delivering climate information services (in the Philippines) have in common? The answer is simple: communities, institutions, and people. Urban gardens empower vulnerable consumers to feed their families. Superior cassava traits guarantee farmers sufficient yield so they profit from each harvest. Climate information services provide farmers with forecasts while informing government policies and investments in disaster risk reduction.

2022 Annual Report: Amplifying Voices

May 25, 2023

During 2022, we aimed to amplify the voices of those working on issues that affect Massachusetts residents' ability to access health care and we use our own voice to call attention to our key focus areas. Through our grantmaking, policy and research, and convenings, we will continue to center the important voices that are often left out of the conversation.

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