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Principals are important. A recent synthesis of two decades of research on school leadership has documented that effective principals can have a positive impact on school climate, teacher satisfaction and retention, and student academic and other outcomes such as attendance and disciplinary behaviors (Grissom, Egalite, & Lindsay, 2021). Earlier research found that adopting a particular district-wide approach to principal development—known as building "a comprehensive, aligned principal pipeline"—was a powerful way to recruit and support a large corps of effective school leaders (Gates et al., 2019). The research about this approach, however, stopped short of fully addressing one of the most pressing issues in American education: educational equity, where all students learn and flourish in a welcoming, caring, and inclusive environment. Equity requires a commitment to fair and just treatment of each student, a willingness to address structural barriers to their success, and the delivery of resources aimed at providing equitable outcomes.