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Copernicus Marine Service Ocean State Report, Issue 3

by Ananda Pascual; Glenn Nolan; Jean-Pierre Gattuso; Karina von Schuckmann; Marilaure Grégoire; Neville Smith; Pierre-Yves Le Traon; Samuel Djavidnia

Jan 1, 2019

The Ocean State Report is an annual publication of the Copernicus Marine Service that provides a comprehensive and state-of-the-art assessment of the current state, natural variations, and changes in the global ocean and European regional seas. It is meant to act as a reference document for the ocean scientific and business communities as well as decision-makers and the general public. The Ocean State Report provides a 4-D view (including forecasts) from above (through satellite remote sensing data) and from the interior (in situ measurements) of the blue (e.g. hydrography, currents), white (e.g. sea ice) and green (e.g. phytoplankton) ocean. It draws on expert analysis and is written by more than 100 scientific experts from more than 30 European institutions. Scientific integrity is assured through a process of independent peer review in collaboration with the Journal of Operational Oceanography. This summary highlights a few selected results of the report and focuses on ocean analysis for the year 2017.