Developing Resources to Build Statewide Capacity and Cohesion for Mathematics and Science Standards Implementation

Dec 01, 2019 | by
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Two resource development programs received funding as part of an initiative to help build capacity for mathematics and science standards implementation across California: The Fostering NGSS Implementation Program and the Fostering Math Standards Implementation Program.

The programs drew on a diverse body of expertise and cross-regional and organizational leadership to encourage the creation of math and science resources that could both address common standards implementation challenges found statewide and promote equitable math and science opportunities for all students.

This resulted in education leaders (e.g., county office of education, content specialists, coordinators, and non-profit representatives) working together in three teams for science resources, and one team for math.

This brief focuses on these four teams' experiences with planning, developing, and piloting resources aimed at reducing the variability in and building capacity for mathematics and science standards implementation across California.

It first examines aspirations and expectations for the resources, and perspectives on progress made toward aims. It then examines key processes and activities concerning leadership structures, planning and development, and piloting that teams engaged in to develop their products and attain their goals.

The brief concludes with key challenges and lessons learned, then provides a list of recommendations for funding or implementing further resource development efforts requiring statewide collaboration and scale.