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In January 2015, the Li & Fung Foundation and C&A Foundation jointly set up a trust fund, the Tazreen Factory Victim Workers' Children Welfare Fund (TCWF), to provide financial support covering basic needs for the 89 children of missing or deceased workers from the 2012 Tazreen factory disaster in Bangladesh. The financial support from the TCWF is distributed to the beneficiaries in the form of both a monthly allowance and a fixed deposit released when children turn 18. The fund is being managed by Caritas Bangladesh on a first five-year agreement (July 2015 to June 2020).

 In August 2018, C&A Foundation and Li & Fung Foundation commissioned this independent evaluation with the primary purpose of assessing the initiative's performance so far in terms of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability, as well as identifying case studies, key lessons learned and providing recommendations in order to improve and adapt the execution of the fund for the next phase (2020-2025).