From Words to Action: Implementation of the Organizational Grant Program's new diversity, equity, and inclusion requirement

Sep 10, 2019 | by
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In 2018, the LA  County Dept of Arts and Culture implemented a new eligibility requirement to its Organizational Grant Program. Applicants must submit a statement, policy, or plan outlining their commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and access (DEI). This analysis of the statements, policies, and plans submitted for the 2019-21 grant cycle finds that while nearly all applicants used the term diversity, they defined it and used it in different ways. Some applicants described their commitment to DEI by indicating how many of various race and ethnicity or gender categories they had on their board, in their staff, or among their artists. Other applicants addressed questions of diversity as they related to the organization's historical work around equity and inclusion. In some cases, applicant organizations demonstrated a long-standing commitment to addressing these issues in specific communities. This report concludes with a series of recommendations to arts and other nonprofits seeking to deepen their work, and recommendations for how the Dept of Arts and Culture can continue to improve implementation of this requirement.