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Homelessness in Minnesota: Detailed Findings from the 2018 Minnesota Homeless Study

by Brian Pittman; Ellen Shelton; Michelle Decker Gerrard; Stephanie Nelson-Dusek

Mar 1, 2020

The Minnesota Homeless Study, conducted every three years by Wilder Research, is a point-in-time study aimed at better understanding homelessness in Minnesota. The study is the most comprehensive source of descriptive information about homeless adults, youth, and children in the state, and is intended to equip readers with the data needed to improve housing programs and policies, address systemic problems, and ultimately eliminate homelessness in Minnesota.

This summary provides a snapshot of the numbers of people who were homeless in Minnesota in 2018 and findings from face-to-face interviews conducted on October 25, 2018, with 4,181 adults experiencing homelessness throughout Minnesota.