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Large-scale cattle and pig production systems in three regions of Armenia: Engaging frontline persons in assessing the environmental, animal, & human health conditions of these systems

by Irina Mkrtchyan; Kiara Winans

Aug 24, 2020

*This report gives an overview and assessment of developments in large-scale cattle and pig productions in Armenia as seen in 2020, why they are happening, and where they are heading, especially with regard to these production systems' impact on the environment, animal wellbeing, and human health.

*The report also highlights possible linkages and partnerships among large-scale cattle and pig production systems, small-scale cattle and pig farmers, the Armenian government, and consumer groups.

*Of particular note are the following types of information: Actual on-the-ground production processes and detail data (e.g. market price of the cheese produced); overall economic status of production in three main animal production regions/marzes; a case study of the environmental impacts of large-scale cattle and pig production systems in the three regions using LCA/lifecycle assessment; current government policies and incentives that influence cattle and pig production systems (e.g. subsidized water and electricity, coronavirus-related programs).