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The Allstate Foundation works to help communities thrive by empowering youth, working to advance racial equity and disrupting the cycle and prevalence of relationship abuse. We also invest in nonprofit leaders. Because we believe in better for all.

The Allstate Foundation's youth empowerment pillar is grounded on the principle of elevating the voices of young people by providing them with the opportunities, skills, and resources needed to turn their dreams into reality. Over the next decade, we will invest in young people directly as well as the adults and organizations most proximate to youth, supporting efforts that drive youth-led, youth-driven service. Our goal is to increase the number of young people engaged in meaningful service that strengthens their communities and builds their capacities to lead now and in the future.

This report reflects a year-long process of engaging with youth, community stakeholders, service organizations, educational leaders, and advocates. Together, this intergenerational, multi-sector group reviewed existing scholarship, policy, and practice along with conducting listening sessions with youth across the country and surveys with  youth, parents, and educators. The results introduce a new definition, model, and design considerations to guide the next decade of youth-led, youth-driven service. 

Leveraging the Potential of Youth Service