North Carolina Nonprofit Organizations and the Impacts of COVID-19: Insights from a Statewide Survey and Creation of a Publicly Available Dataset

Sep 01, 2020
  • Description

North Carolina philanthropies began responding to COVID-19 almost as soon as the pandemic began. State and local governments were also involved immediately, assessing needs and working to identify the most appropriate responses. Unlike many disasters, however, COVID-19 has no boundaries. It presented—and continues to present—seemingly endless challenges and needs, many without clear precedent. There was an urgent need for information about how the nonprofit community was experiencing the pandemic, which could in turn inform short- and long-term decisions related to COVID-19 by government, philanthropy, and nonprofit organizations themselves.

On May 20, 2020, a statewide survey of North Carolina nonprofits was launched by North Carolina's Office of Strategic Partnerships and the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits, with support from The Policy Lab at Brown University. Thanks to over 2,000 people who took time to respond to the survey, we now have a nuanced picture of North Carolina's nonprofit sector during COVID-19—including experiences, needs, gaps, and opportunities.

We highlight many results in this report. We also invite and encourage readers to further engage with the underlying dataset. The file is searchable by numerous attributes such as counties served and type of need. You can also search for specific nonprofits to learn if they responded and what information they shared. The dataset includes thousands of written responses to open-ended questions. Users can search responses to learn about organizations' particular circumstances and needs. You can conduct additional analysis to learn about aspects of the survey responses not addressed here. Throughout this document, we provide examples of how readers can use the information and insights from the survey to inform decisions and action related to COVID-19 response efforts.