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Reducing Violence and Building Trust: Data to Guide Enforcement of Gun Laws in Baltimore

by Cassandra K. Crifasi; Daniel W. Bebster; Marisa Doll Booty; Rebecca G. Williams; Shani A.L. Buggs

Aug 28, 2020

This report is the product of the Reducing Violence, Building Trust: Data to Guide Gun Law Enforcement in Baltimore project. Researchers from the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research (JHCGPR) collected and analyzed data relevant to the enforcement of laws restricting the possession of firearms by prohibited individuals and unlawful carrying of concealed firearms to provide data-driven recommendations for more fair and effective practices. The project was designed to help inform the response to the dual crises in Baltimore—extraordinarily high rates of gun violence, and gun law enforcement practices that, in some cases, have violated the law and more generally weakened community members' trust in the police.