The Face of Charities During COVID-19 Worldwide, Volume 5

Sep 01, 2020
  • Description

In the face of unprecedented challenges, charities are demonstrating resilience through agility and determination. This report features stories that take a closer look at individual organizational experiences through the pandemic. Based on interviews with leaders representing nonprofits working across geographies and issue areas, these stories recount the unfolding impact of the crisis and their agile responses.

While the contexts and tailored solutions may be unique, the obstacles are commonly felt—challenges such as the shift to remote work, the abrupt loss of volunteers or funders, or the need to pivot programming toward direct relief to address local priorities. As the pandemic draws on, charities continue to innovate and adapt, as evidenced by this latest report.

Beyond following the journey of these charities, the report outlines the findings of CAF America's fifth COVID-19 survey. Conducted from August 25 to September 2, the survey polled 424 charitable organizations that represent 156 countries to learn how the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact their work.